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What's Included

LED Wire Harness with relay and switch


We have 3 harness options:

STANDARD/HIGH POWER harnesses - with 40 amp relay, 40 amp fuse, and lit switch. Can be used to power our 6" all the way to 50" light bars, cubes, rounds and squares as singles, these are plug and play harnesses.

DUAL harness - for pairs of any of the above, as long as you do not exceed 300 Watts total power, these are plug and play harnesses

During Buy Now process please select the harness you need.

All product in most cases ships 1-2 days after purchase with USPS with an average of 2-3 day shipping once leaving our warehouse. No expedited shipping available.

Standard 90 day warranty and limited lifetime warranty policies:

Standard warranty covers any failure due to manufacture defects up to 90 days after purchase. Non function lights, diode failure, etc. are covered! If it does not function properly, the product will be replaced! See warranty below for exceptions.

Limited LIFETIME warranty covers diode "led light" failure for up to 2 years after purchase date. If any diodes fail due to manufacture defects, we will replace it!

Professional installation is required. We are unable to take responsibility and/or warranty any products damaged or any damages caused due to improper installation. Black Label Lighting will not cover damages or product failure due to self-installation, so please test and verify product is working before installation is performed. If there are any issues upon receipt of the Black Label Lighting product(s), please notify us immediately - prior to installation (email sales@blacklabellighting.com). If Black Label Lighting is not notified of issues prior to installation, the warranty is void. Limited Lifetime warranty covers the failure of diodes "led light".

Warranty DOES NOT cover light bar or hardware finishes (powdercoating) and rusting of bolts as varying climates have adverse and uncontrollable effects on these finishes. Fuses, relays or wire harnesses are also not covered under warranty once installation has been completed. Any products which have been modified in anyway or product failure damaged due to collisions, off-road use, vehicle accidents, theft attempts, natural disasters, etc. will not be accepted as a return or covered under warranty. Black Label Lighting is not liable for any damages or charges incurred in the use of a product; these charges include but are not limited to legal tickets/infractions, on road use, fire, vehicle loss, rental vehicle, or replacement etc.

Return polices:

Your warranty will be void for the following reasons but not limited to: not providing sales receipt, proof of purchase, or proof of professional installation.

Black Label Lighting warranties are non-transferable from the original purchaser. All warranty claims are void unless a copy of the original purchase receipt is provided. Item must not be altered in any way. Return shipping of warrantied item is the purchaser's responsibility.

All non-warranty returns are subject to a 10% restocking fee or shipping cost, whichever is greater. The consumer is responsible for any and all shipping costs of a return as well as the shipment for exchange returns.

To open a warranty claim, please email sales@blacklabellighting.com with proof of purchase, photos of the issue/failure as well as a photo of the Blacklabellighting logo and the product turned on.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - p65warnings.ca.gov.

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  1. will the dual harness work for using dual 50″ black label RGB while using them on the dual 50″led light bar brackets y’all have/ does this come with the RGB harness thats need for the RGB light or does that come with the RBG lights and if it comes with the RGB lights does this harness work with the RBG harness

    • No, this dual harness isn’t rated for 2- 50″ light bars. The BLL light bars each come with its own harness.

  2. will this harness work for a 54″ light bar?

    • Yes, the plug and play option might not match up but the rest of the harness will work fine.

  3. Can this harness be used for the 4pc rock light kit as well?

  4. Is the red light on the switch supposed to be constantly on? And if so won’t that drain my battery over time if the truck sits?

    • The light would take a long, long time to drain a battery. It is a led light and has very minimal draw.

  5. Quick question before I buy the double harness and before it goes off sale. I have 2 50″ bars and they just have the Red (Positive) and Black (Negative) wires coming from the bars. Would this work? or would I have to be doing some playing around with this harness to make my bars work? Also i have the OLB stacked 50″ mounts and the Strobe effect with “Key Fob” would this work inline or same thing have to do some modifications

    • 50″ bars need a high power harness, EACH. Also the strobe controller tops out at 400 watts. You will want 2 high power harnesses and also another strobe controller for the second harness and second bar. Hope that helps.

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