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Show Vehicles w/40 Inch Lighting

What's Included

1- 40" (BLL) RGBW LED Light Bar and Hardware


Black Label Lighting 40 inch LED light bar featuring full Bluetooth controlled color morph RGBW w/ 16 million color options w/ 5D optical lenses and CREE LED diodes and all new black circuit boards for a clearer stealthier look! Bluetooth controller has built in dim and strobe controls. Comes with plug and play harness. Bluetooth controller is integrated into light bar so no external control module to deal with! Don't buy a light bar with 15-year-old optics and style when you can spend a fraction more to have a Black Label Lighting light bar! Backed by an optional LIFETIME WARRANTY and you can't go wrong! 

40 inch overall length is 41.75"L x 3.25"H x 3.5"W
  • 240w
  • 24080lms
  • Operating Voltage: 10-30V DC
  • Waterproof rate: IP 67
  • CREE LED 3W/PC               
  • Housing Color: Black
  • Color Temperature: 6000K
  • Material:Diecast aluminum housing
  • Lens material: Polycarbanite
  • Mounting Bracket: Standard aluminum mounting feet
  • Beam:8degree Spot/90degree flood/Combo
  • 50000 hours above life time
  • Black Circuit Board

All product in most cases ships 1-2 days after purchase with USPS with an average of 2-3 day shipping once leaving our warehouse. No expedited shipping available.

Standard 90 day warranty and limited lifetime warranty policies:

Standard warranty covers any failure due to manufacture defects up to 90 days after purchase. Non function lights, diode failure, etc. are covered! If it does not function properly, the product will be replaced! See warranty below for exceptions.

Limited LIFETIME warranty covers diode "led light" failure for up to 2 years after purchase date. If any diodes fail due to manufacture defects, we will replace it!

Professional installation is required. We are unable to take responsibility and/or warranty any products damaged or any damages caused due to improper installation. Black Label Lighting will not cover damages or product failure due to self-installation, so please test and verify product is working before installation is performed. If there are any issues upon receipt of the Black Label Lighting product(s), please notify us immediately - prior to installation (email sales@blacklabellighting.com). If Black Label Lighting is not notified of issues prior to installation, the warranty is void. Limited Lifetime warranty covers the failure of diodes "led light".

Warranty DOES NOT cover light bar or hardware finishes (powdercoating) and rusting of bolts as varying climates have adverse and uncontrollable effects on these finishes. Fuses, relays or wire harnesses are also not covered under warranty once installation has been completed. Any products which have been modified in anyway or product failure damaged due to collisions, off-road use, vehicle accidents, theft attempts, natural disasters, etc. will not be accepted as a return or covered under warranty. Black Label Lighting is not liable for any damages or charges incurred in the use of a product; these charges include but are not limited to legal tickets/infractions, on road use, fire, vehicle loss, rental vehicle, or replacement etc.

Return polices:

Your warranty will be void for the following reasons but not limited to: not providing sales receipt, proof of purchase, or proof of professional installation.

Black Label Lighting warranties are non-transferable from the original purchaser. All warranty claims are void unless a copy of the original purchase receipt is provided. Item must not be altered in any way. Return shipping of warrantied item is the purchaser's responsibility.

All non-warranty returns are subject to a 10% restocking fee or shipping cost, whichever is greater. The consumer is responsible for any and all shipping costs of a return as well as the shipment for exchange returns.

To open a warranty claim, please email sales@blacklabellighting.com with proof of purchase, photos of the issue/failure as well as a photo of the Blacklabellighting logo and the product turned on.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - p65warnings.ca.gov.

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  1. Will these fit the front bumper of a 2016 Ram 3500 with losing the tow hooks

    • I think a 30-40″ curved light bar is what they put in those bumpers. Don’t think a straight light bar fits that bumper very well 🙁

  2. Black Label lights stopped changing colors with Bluetooth or mounted switch.

  3. help i cant get the bluetooth to work i have auxbeam rocklights which also use the rgb remote app but the app is not finding the light bar when i hit search. everything else works though

    • Sorry Shawn, we don’t support auxbeam products. I would imagine they have a customer service department you can reach out to.

  4. Is there a behind the grill kit for the 2017 Silverado with the louvers.

    • Nelch, unfortunately, there is no room behind the grille if you have the louvers so we do not offer this application.

  5. Will this fit behind the grill of a 03 chevy 1500?

  6. Will this fit on a 2003 Ford Ford F-150?

  7. Will this fit on the roof of an 2001 S104x4 LS?

    • Hey Cody, I’m not sure what the roof of your truck measures but the light bar dimensions are listed above. You may want to just do a few measurements to make sure.

  8. i have the black label under glow lights and was wondering do these light bars sync with the same app as the underglow lights to be able to control both at the same time?

    • They do use the same app but unfortunately you aren’t able to sync them to do the same thing. Easiest thing to do is label each of them on the app and switch back and forth. Not ideal but pretty easy to do.

  9. Would this fit for a 2017 chevy Tahoe?

  10. I have a 2011 F-350 and have a custom mesh grille and I was wondering if you think this could fit behind it?

  11. I was wondering if I can use this as a actual light bar or is it only for show?

    • Of course you can! It has a main white diode that can be used only if you don’t want to use the RGB options.

  12. Is there a follow up on the fitment for a 2016 silverado

    • Yes, no can do on the 16+ because they have mechanical louvers behind the grille and allow zero room to run a light bar.

  13. I have a 08 chevy 1500 and wanted to know own if I would be able to fit this behind my grill?

  14. Hi I have a 1990 f150 and I wanna know if this can fit behind the grille and if it can is there a mounting bracket I can buy for it??

    • I will be honest Dustin we haven’t done anything with that year range. I wouldn’t even be able to advise because I’m not very knowledgeable with those trucks and its pretty hard to get a decent one to check out here in the rust belt of WI. Shoot an email to info@customoffsets.com with some pics and measurements of what is behind the grille and we can possible come up with something.

  15. We will be doing some test fitment this week on the 16+ Silverado.

    • I’m interested in lightbars for the 2016 Silverado 1500 as well.
      I know RCX has a single row 30″ kit for the lower section of the grille, it would be nice to have a light bar in the upper section as well.

      • We finally got a chance to look and one and unfortunately you cant run anything behind the grille of the new body style. There are louvers that open and close and allow zero room for a light bar.

  16. I have a 2016 Silverado. Which setups with the color changing rub light bars can I run? I

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