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4- 3" Cubes, 2- Bumper Brackets and 2- Dual 40amp Harnesses


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2 spot 2 flood

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  1. Does this fit the 07 classic trucks

  2. Will it fit my 2009 GMC Sierra 1500?

  3. Are these available with Amber LEDs?

  4. Are these color changing lights like the 20 inch RGB lightbar? Or are they pure white all the time?

  5. Any videos on installation?

    • Sorry Kevin we don’t have an install video at this time. Its a pretty straight forward install though. No drilling needed just swapping out the stock fogs for the cubes!

  6. Is it legal to use all 4 on road since they are considered fog lights.

    • Technically its not legal to use them at all because most states only allow 2 bulbs per light and the cubes have 4 diodes each. I haven’t heard of anyone getting harassed for running them though.

  7. yall got any cube kits for 14-15 silverado 1500

  8. Do these come with directions to hardwire them into the factory harnesses

    • No they don’t. Its pretty self explanatory though. Cut the plug and play connection off the cube and trace the wire/bulb going into the fog light housing and tie into it using butt connectors or solder. Probably best to have a volt meter to test wires positive and negative wires from truck.

  9. Do these come in the plug and play option or is tht something I have to specifically order bc I don’t see the options for tht

    • They aren’t plug and play to the factory fog light harnesses. We do include (2) plug and play harnesses that plug into the cubes though. Some chose to cut off the ends on the cubes and hardwired to the factory switch and wires.

  10. I currently have a light bar on my truck that has a black housing with a chrome interior/reflector. Do these LED pods come with a chrome interior/reflector? I would like them to match my existing setup if at all possible.

    • They don’t have a chrome reflector/optic. They are a 5d optic the optics you have sound like an older first gen optic.

  11. Can this dual set up wire into the factory harness… or will it handle it .. I want to use the stock button and wiring if possible with some modification

    • Yes, the factory wire harness will handle the output of the cubes if you decide not to use the provided harnesses.

  12. Hi im trying to figure out what beam pattern to choose and i was wondering if someone could help me. I understand there 2200 lumen but how wide is the flood pattern ???(not exactly of course but like is it wide and bright directly in front of the truck or further out??

    • Its about a 30 degree on the flood and a 8 degree on the spot. Flood beam is pretty much a fog light pattern where a spot is like a high beam pattern.

  13. Do you have these with a white housing?

  14. What color are these? 6000k?

  15. My question is i got a 2015 chevrolet silverado 1500 do yall have any for my truck yet & how bright are these cubes?

  16. Do you know if this can fit a 2004 Silverado bumper?

  17. is it legal to run these lights on the road?

    • Rigid makes the only “DOT” approved. That being said we don’t hear of anyone having issues running these on the road. They can be adjusted so they aren’t blinding people.

  18. Do these mount to the factory fog light mounts?

    • No, there is specific brackets that come with this kit to mount the cubes to the existing holes that your stock fogs mount to.

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