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Aluminum 1/2" BORA Spacers (set 4) For 5 Lug and 6 Lug Applications - One Piece

Aluminum 1/2" BORA Spacers (set 4) For 5 Lug and 6 Lug Applications - One Piece


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What's Included

1/2" BORA spacers one piece


This package includes 4-BORA spacers/adapters in 1/2" thickness
Simply add your vehicle specs at checkout and we will ensure proper fitment!

The B.O.R.A. spacer is hub and wheel centric to create a perfect fit. This spacer will set the truck up just like a factory set up insuring a perfect ride. Spacers will be hub and wheel centric. These spacers come with a lifetime warranty. Made in the USA!

BORA Truck Spacers are manufactured right here in the USA with top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art, HAAS CNC machines, using only the best U.S. Alcoa 6061t6 billet aluminum. Unlike competitors, BORA provides a LIFETIME WARRANTY. BORA spacers will set your truck up just like a factory setup, insuring a perfect ride.

About Us
General application guide for spacers regarding trimming studs: 1" will work on all Toyota's without cutting the factory studs, stock or aftermarket wheels 1.25" will work on all Nissan's without cutting the factory studs, stock or aftermarket wheels. 1.75" will work on all Chevy, Ford, Dodge 1500's without cutting the factory studs on all stock and aftermarket wheels 2" will work on all Chevy, Ford, Dodge 8 Lug application without cutting studs on all factory and stock wheels HOWEVER, if your OEM or aftermarket wheels have "pockets" in the mounting pad, you may be able to use thinner spacers than above as the studs will poke through the spacer but sit in the "pockets" on the pads of the wheels. To know 100% simply measure exactly how far the stock studs stick out, measure how deep the pockets are on the mounting pad of the wheels and add them, that is the thickness spacer you may run. So 1" studs plus 1/2" pockets means 1.75" spacers or larger will work and 1.5" spacers will be cutting it close. Since 1996, Motorsport Tech’s Adapters and Spacers have been designed, built, tested, and proven in the toughest conditions on Earth - We’ve outfitted vehicles in the US Military for combat duty, desert racing pre-runners, Arctic rescue vehicles, major auto companies including Ford, Chrysler, and Goodyear, and have built parts for thousands of hardcore off-road enthusiasts around the world - including our own vehicles we drive daily. With our experience and acquired knowledge over the last 15 years, along with a recent expansion of our in-house production facility, we thought it was time to introduce a new 4x4 specific line: BORA. BORA stands for Bulletproof Off Road Adapters. And that’s just what they are. BORA adapters will be built to the same exacting standards of all Motorsport Tech parts (Made in the USA with Alcoa aluminum on state of the art American made Haas CNC machines) but now at a lower price! Lug nuts are made of 10.9 grade Steel, not stainless steel. Some of our Closed End lugnuts have a Stainless Steel Cap, but those are really only used to attach an aftermarket wheel the spacers or truck's factory studs. We do not make Stainless Steel Open End Lugnuts, no need for that. The Open End Lugnuts we provide to attach our Adapter/Spacer kits are Cold Forged for increased strength and uniformity, our lug nuts meet or exceed OEM and aftermarket application standards. The Lug Nuts are backed by our ISO, QS and TS16949 Certified Facilities.

Please allow up to 15-20 business days as some spacers/adapters are custom made to order. Returns will be assessed a 25% restocking fee due to the custom nature and shipping fees. If the spacers have been installed or show any chips or witness marks, THEY CANNOT BE RETURNED. Please realize this is a custom part and we must adhere to this return policy, be sure you are keeping them before you install them. ******Please note 3 day shipping doesn't change the fabrication process/time. All orders ship standard ground unless 3 day shipping is chosen via drop down******

Lifetime Warranty!

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  1. I have a 2016 Silverado will these .5 fit the stock 22 inch wheels so I can fit 305/45/22 without it rubbing?

  2. will these work on a 2016 titan xd without changing out the studs

    • I don’t think you will have enough stud to run those safely Martin. You would probably need to go thinner or thicker and go to a studded spacer and trim studs depending on thickness.

  3. I see that the 1/2 ” spacers have a flange to fit the wheel. is there also one to fit the hub on the other side? Do you have the outer diameter of the flanges on your spacers? Thanks!

  4. I have a 2014 Nissan Xterra Pro-4X with stock wheels. Will the 1/2″ spacers leave me enough thread to safely mount the stock wheels?

    • You won’t have enough stud to secure your wheels safely with trying to run a 1/2″ spacer.

      • I have a 2014 Nissan Xterra Pro-4X with stock wheels. Will the 3/8″ spacers leave me enough thread to safely mount them? If not, are there smaller ones that are still hub centric that would work on my vehicle? Thanks for your help!

  5. Will a 1/2″ spacer on a 16′ ram 1500 leave enough bite to still safely mount wheels? Thank you

  6. I have a 2015 Ram Sport 1500. The stock wheels do have the pockets. I’m staying with the stock wheels with probably a 33×12.50 tire. I want a little more of an aggressive stance without trimming studs. What are my options?

  7. Before I purchase 1/2 inch spacers, I would like to know if there would be enough stud left to properly tighten the lug nuts with fuel maverick 20×9 wheels for my 2010 F150 4WD? Thanks.

  8. I Bought a dodge 2007 dodge ram 1500 Laramie and didn’t notice that the control arm had been rubbing on the inner side wall of the tire, caused by aftermarket rims, with what i figure has the wrong offset. the rims are fine in the rear but need to be spaced in the front, just how much slid on spacer can i put on and still have enough lug?

  9. I have a 2014 Silverado 1500 and was wanting to run small spacers such as 1/2 inch or 3/8 would there be enough stud left for the half inch spacer with aftermarket wheels

  10. I have a 2016 silverado 1500 with factory rims will there be enough stud left to properly tighten lug nuts with this 1/2 inch spacer?

  11. Hey I’m thinking about ordering some oem performance chrome wheels for my ram. The have a 6 backspacing what would I need to have the stock backspace. Like a 5.5

  12. Will my GMC Yukon have enoguh stud length left over to properly torque down the lug nuts after installing these 0.5 inch spacers?


    • That would be these sir! What you see in the picture is what you get. The lip is what makes it hubcentric and centers them on the hub.

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