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Foamzilla Wash & Wax

Our new super soft soap, wash and wax. Great for foam cannons!!! Our new soap is designed not to strip away any of the wax on your clear coat that naturally occurs during the washing process. Smells like grape and purple in color. Foamzilla Wash & Wax cleans and lifts away caked on dirt & grime. Made with 100% pure Brazilian Caruabua wax and added polymers for a high gloss shine that leaves a nice protective barrier from the suns harmful UV rays Foamzilla is specifically formulated with unique surfactants that create a rich dense foam and is a neutral pH formulation which is safe on all paints and surfaces.


Rinse vehicle thoroughly prior to applying Foamzilla. Squeeze around 1/2 oz. in a bucket of water and spray heavy jet of water to activate the Foamzilla. Using a wash pad or sponge down an area from top to bottom. Rinse off thoroughly with water and dry clean with a microfiber towel or chamois.

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