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8 Pod Rock Light Kit By Black Label Lighting

 8 Pod Rock Light Kit By Black Label Lighting
 8 Pod Rock Light Kit By Black Label Lighting 8 Pod Rock Light Kit By Black Label Lighting 8 Pod Rock Light Kit By Black Label Lighting 8 Pod Rock Light Kit By Black Label Lighting 8 Pod Rock Light Kit By Black Label Lighting 8 Pod Rock Light Kit By Black Label Lighting 8 Pod Rock Light Kit By Black Label Lighting 8 Pod Rock Light Kit By Black Label Lighting

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What's Included

8 -LED RGB Pods and control box


BLL rock lights feature a very user friendly mobile Bluetooth controller, color morph RGB 16 million color w/ music and multiple strobe modes!  Can be used on trucks, cars, trailers, powerspots and boats..... yes they are marine grade! Bluetooth controller is Android and IOS compatible. Super simply operation and install w/ supplied fuse!

*****We recommend adding 4 extensions on any pickup truck so the control module can be mounted in the engine bay. Jeeps and smaller SUVs can probably get away without extensions depending on mounting locations***** 


. Operating Voltage: 10-30V DC
. Waterproof rate: IP 68           
. Color Temperature: 6000K
. Housing: Aluminum
. Life time: 50,000 Hrs

All product in most cases ships 1-2 days after purchase with USPS with an average of 2-3 day shipping once leaving our warehouse. No expedited shipping available.

Standard 90 day warranty and limited lifetime warranty policies:

Standard warranty covers any failure due to manufacture defects up to 90 days after purchase. Non function lights, diode failure, etc. are covered! If it does not function properly, the product will be replaced! See warranty below for exceptions.

Limited LIFETIME warranty covers diode "led light" failure for up to 2 years after purchase date. If any diodes fail due to manufacture defects, we will replace it!

Professional installation is required. We are unable to take responsibility and/or warranty any products damaged or any damages caused due to improper installation. Black Label Lighting will not cover damages or product failure due to self-installation, so please test and verify product is working before installation is performed. If there are any issues upon receipt of the Black Label Lighting product(s), please notify us immediately - prior to installation (email sales@blacklabellighting.com). If Black Label Lighting is not notified of issues prior to installation, the warranty is void. Limited Lifetime warranty covers the failure of diodes "led light".

Warranty DOES NOT cover light bar or hardware finishes (powdercoating) and rusting of bolts as varying climates have adverse and uncontrollable effects on these finishes. Fuses, relays or wire harnesses are also not covered under warranty once installation has been completed. Any products which have been modified in anyway or product failure damaged due to collisions, off-road use, vehicle accidents, theft attempts, natural disasters, etc. will not be accepted as a return or covered under warranty. Black Label Lighting is not liable for any damages or charges incurred in the use of a product; these charges include but are not limited to legal tickets/infractions, on road use, fire, vehicle loss, rental vehicle, or replacement etc.

Return polices:

Your warranty will be void for the following reasons but not limited to: not providing sales receipt, proof of purchase, or proof of professional installation.

Black Label Lighting warranties are non-transferable from the original purchaser. All warranty claims are void unless a copy of the original purchase receipt is provided. Item must not be altered in any way. Return shipping of warrantied item is the purchaser's responsibility.

All non-warranty returns are subject to a 10% restocking fee or shipping cost, whichever is greater. The consumer is responsible for any and all shipping costs of a return as well as the shipment for exchange returns.

To open a warranty claim, please email sales@blacklabellighting.com with proof of purchase, photos of the issue/failure as well as a photo of the Blacklabellighting logo and the product turned on.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - p65warnings.ca.gov.

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  1. Can I sync 2 30 inch black label RGB light bars with the rock light kit?

  2. Looking to do 16 lights for my truck, if I buy the 2-8 light kits can I control them both with the app. All on at the same on and same pattern etc.

  3. I just installed the 8 pod rock lights and I cant get my phone to pair with the rgb box. I have a Android phone and the website says there compatible. When I put power to the lights they come in blue but my won’t sinc to the box to do anything. Any help would be appreciated.

  4. I would like to install rock lights on my toy hauler, a set of rock lights and light bar on my truck. How would the app recognize three different controllers? thanks

    • They can all be paired together, meaning you can control them all together or separate from the same app!

  5. Do I need extensions for my truck it’s like the one in the video. I want just white lights also. Not color changing ones

    • It all depends on the truck, we always recommend anything extended cab or bigger to go with 4 extensions on an 8 piece kit.

  6. I ordered these Rock lights that have a 2-3 week backorder and it’s been 4 weeks. I’ve called and left messages but nobody has answered or called me back. I’ve already paid for these lights, I’d just like an answer on when I could be expecting the item I purchased.

    • Sorry for all the delays Will. The backorder status is an estimate. Sometimes there are issues out of our control that delay things. Please email us at info@customoffsets.com for a more accurate eta and order status.

      • I received my rocklights, but was shorted the 2nd extension that I purchased. Apparently there’s nobody to speak with over the phone so this is how I’m supposed to get any answers. Please can someone get into contact with me regarding this.

        • Sorry Will, we have a very small phone team due to being an online company that uses email as its main source of communication. I have replayed to the email that you sent. Please check your inbox.

  7. In the video it shows the wire running into the fuse box. How did you connect to power?

    • To be honest Nathan, this install was done over a year ago and the person that installed it can’t recall offhand where he hooked it up. It kinda varies on the vehicle so its hard to say the best spot for your vehicle. Always easier to hook to the battery itself whenever possible.

  8. can you all send another paper that comes with the rock lights i lost mine. 2016 Lucille dr richmond KY 40475

    • Roberto, the video above should pretty much explain everything you need to know about using and installing them. If that doesn’t do the job please email us at info@customoffsets.com and we can get you straightened out!

  9. Do you have to be in the app for the lights to work? Or can you close it and do other stuff?

    • It is 100% controlled via Bluetooth. However a switch can be installed if desired. It will only be set on one color unless changed via Bluetooth.

  10. When I turn the rock lights off the green diode is on very dim but when I turn the rockets on into a different color the green is not on

  11. do the rock lights come in white?

  12. Is there a option that these RGB lights flash to music being played through the app?

  13. How are these rock lights mounted on this hummer h3? like what locations..

  14. my led cubes run off the same app as these lights. Will I be able to run them both off the same app in sync?

  15. I ordered my 8 pod rock lights about 2 weeks ago and as i had a friend who has a shop was installing them only 7 worked

  16. With them being under your truck like that do they get rock chips? Can rocks hit them and break them?

    • They are pretty tough and you can install them to avoid taking hits from rocks. It hasen’t been an issue for our customers so I think you will be fine!

  17. Can you turn them off and on in the app or how does that work?

  18. Could it be able to buy only the lights not the Bluetooth box? I bought them this Sunday and while I was installing them the light where burned but I didn’t have warranty

  19. Will these work on the magic light app??

    • Don’t believe so. It has its own app BLEDIM. I believe Magic Light uses a completely different control box.

  20. Can you hook them up to a switch or do you have to turn it off through the app>

    • You can hook them to a switch. You have to have them set on one color or one preset strobe pattern. Pretty much eliminates all the options of these rock lights.

  21. Can these be synced to music?

  22. does installing take long and difficult?

  23. Are the control boxes waterproof, or just the lights?

  24. Is there any way to buy extensions for the back wheel wires?

  25. Some of my buddies have rock lights and they are able to do like red,white,and blue. can these do that

  26. What all color options do these have ? Are they color morph or only a set number of colors and just different patterns for those colors ?

    • They have millions of color options. They don’t have a white diode so wouldn’t be a good option if that is what your looking for. They have a pile of setting and can customize strobe and color morphing options.

  27. I have had this kit for maybe 4 months and only the red and green work. I have lifetime warranty. The control box and all wiring are inside the box nothing has ever got wet. Was wondering if there was any help on trying to fix the issue or is it a warranty issue. Thanks

  28. Will those lights turn solid white ? I would like them to be the same color as my light bar and headlights. Thanks

    • No they won’t these are RGB rock lights so the white is a milky mix of all the colors mixing to make white. If your looking for a solid white these aren’t the best option for you.

  29. so all you need to do is find a ground and run a wire to the battery for power?

  30. Sorry, I am talking about the rock lights – 8 pod – rgb

  31. Okay, I have the same question as the top comment and don’t see your answer. Are these on back order or do you have them in stock.

    • We are waiting for our current order to come in and its looking like we will have it by the last week in January. I would check back in on the status on 1/30

  32. When I click on options and pricing it says 2-3 week backorder. Are these actually backordered 2-3 weeks or does it just say that for everything?

  33. If you switch the power going into the controller on/off.

    Does the controller go back to whatever state it was previously in? Or do they end up being “off” when power is restored.

  34. Could 2 boxes be linked? So they can work in sink?

  35. Sorry i meant 4 on each side..lol

  36. I would like to install a total of 10 8 on each side of my truck and 1 at front 1 in the rear, I see there is only a 8 pod set up can 2 more be added??

    • We only carry them in 4 piece and 8 piece and all leads need to be used otherwise they won’t function properly. Your only option is to buy each kit. Only drawback is they won’t be controlled on the same control box.

  37. Do these come in just white leds?

  38. What’s the difference between theses and the rock lights you can get got 68$ are they more reliable are they water proof will they last longer than the other ones

    • They are waterproof. Can’t speak for the $68 ones or know its capabilities but these have full Bluetooth controls. You also have the option of a lifetime warranty if your worried about longevity. Most of the inexpensive brands you see are kids that are start a IG or FB account and sell as many as they can and are never to be heard from again. We sell brands we trust and stick by them %100.

  39. Are these android compatible also

  40. Can these be wired into the convenience lights (door light) so they come on when the vehicle is unlocked/locked?

    • No, they need to be hooked up to the Bluetooth control box and all functions need to be controlled through the app.

  41. Can u guys ship to canada

    • Hi Gary, yes we can ship to Canada. When you click on Options & Pricing, make sure to change US shipping to Canada using the drop sdown. Thanks.

  42. It says there’s a 36 month warranty but then at the bottom it says 90 day warranty. Which is it ?

    • Sorry about the confusion, that shouldn’t have been on there. it is a 90 day standard warranty with an optional lifetime warranty.

  43. Would you be able to control these lights and a light bar at the same time. As in all at once in the app

    • They use the same app and can hold the same settings but they need to be controlled separately because they have there own control boxes.

  44. How do these rock lights hold up to daily driving in the winter with snow and salt? And just daily driving in general

    • These rock lights are a new product for us this summer so they haven’t seen winter yet. They are resin sealed and are 100% waterproof so I don’t see winter being an issue. As far as everyday driving we have sold several sets and have yet to have an issue caused by driving.

  45. can light color be controlled for each individual light?

  46. what olor should i do if i have gold colorish taehoe

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