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BDS Suspension 4.5" Suspension Lift Kit - Chevy/GMC HD 4WD

BDS Suspension 4.5" Suspension Lift Kit - Chevy/GMC HD 4WD


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2001-2010 Chevrolet,GMC 1500HD,2500,2500HD,3500HD
2001-2006 Chevrolet Avalanche 2500, Suburban 2500 4wd
2001-2006 GMC Yukon XL 2500 4wd


BDS Suspension Chevrolet/GMC 4WD 4-1/2" Lift Kit for 2001-2006 1500 HD Silverado/Sierra 1/2 ton pickup, 2001-2010 2500 HD Silverado/ Sierra 3/4 ton pickup, 2001-2006 2500 NON-HD Silverado/ Sierra 3/4 ton pickup, Avalanche, Suburban, and Yukon XL 2500 3/4 Ton SUVs.

This unique High Clearance suspension lift kit utilizes high arched crossmembers that blend perfectly with the angle of the factory installed lower control arms for a completely integrated look while lifting your vehicle a full 4-1/2" dramatically increasing ground clearance at the front crossmembers and improving operating geometry. A front differential skid plate comes standard, for increased off road protection.

The rear is lifted with a tapered 3" block for easy installation.

This highly customizable kit gives you the choices you need to build your rig your way. Standard or narrow track knuckle kits, gas shocks, and dual steering stabilizers are just a few of the options and upgrades available for this 4-1/2" Chevy/GMC suspension lift kit.

Tire & Wheel Combinations

2001-2007 Classic Body Style

33" x 12.50" w/16 x 8 and 4-1/2" back spacing

35" x 12.50" w/17 or 18 x 9 and 5.5" back spacing

35" x 12.50" w/20 x 9 and 5.75" back spacing

2007-2010 New Body Style

33" x 12.50" w/16 x 8 and 4-1/2" back spacing

33" x 12.50" w/17 or 18 x 9 and 5.5" back spacing

33" x 12.50" w/20 x 9 and 5.75" back spacing

  • Tire & Wheel Combinations
  • *Trimming may be required*

  • Est. Installation: 8-10 hours
  • Difficulty Level (easy 1 - 5 complicated): 4
  • View complete Vehicle Fitment Information here

Important Kit Notes

  • 1. Torsion Bar tool required to load/unload the torsion bars.
  • 2. Some welding required.
  • 3. Requires frame bracket modification and differential mount modification.
  • 4. Traction bars will not fit standard cab/short box models and are designed to work on vehicles with 4" to 8" of lift.
  • 5. 20" wheels with 5" to 5-3/4" backspacing recommended to reduce trimming.
  • 6. Gas models require exhaust modification.
  • 7. Narrow track knuckle will slightly increase turning radius.
  • 8. For tail high stance use #119157 add-a-leaf with the block kit or #069207 with leaf spring kit.

  • **This system is available with two different knuckle designs. The standard knuckle widens the track, but does not affect the turning radius. The narrow track knuckle reduces the total track width change by about 1.5" overall, but does increase the turning radius slightly.

    • Est. Installation: 8-10 hours
    • Difficulty Level (easy 1 - 5 complicated): 4

    Track Width Options

    Standard Knuckle
    Narrow Track Knuckle Option


    NX2 Series (85605 85759)
    Fox 2.0 Series (98224605 98224759)
    NX2 Series - Dually Rear Wheels
    Fox 2.0 - Dually Rear Wheels

    Steering Stabilizer Options

    No Steering Stabilizer
    Single NX2 (85411)
    Dual NX2 (55363 85423)

    Traction Bar Selection

    No Traction Bars
    Fixed Traction Bars (121618)
    RECOIL System Traction Bars (121407 123409)

    Related Acc.

    Front Skid Plate (121624)
    Carrier Bearing Drop (121612)

    Install Instructions

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    1. Hey I’m in the market for a lift on my 2004 Chevy 2500hd with only 80xxx on it so I want a lift that in the long run isn’t going to cause more problems then it’s worth so I’m willing to pay a little extra to get quality. My question is bds 4.5 lift worth the extra 600$ when I could go 6in with rc or zone and get more height for the money. I would like to keep my truck for a long time so quality and drivability is my main concern

    2. If to order this can you order Trac bars later on?

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