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Metal Lugs Spiked Lug Nuts 6 lug in Black (24) total. Specs: 4.4" length. *Specially designed socket measuring 26mm O.D. included

Choose these if you do not know your lug nut thread size and pitch. Our team will select the proper Spike Lug Nuts for your Truck.



Truck YMM We Do not Carry Spiked Lugs For:
Nissan Frontier: All Years
Nissan Titan: ALL (excluding Titan XD 2015+)
Nissan Frontier: All Years
Nissan Pathfinder: All Years
Nissan Xterra: All Years
European Vehicles With Lug Bolts: All

About Us
Custom Offsets LLC owns and operates customoffsets.com. We are dedicated to helping you find the perfect detailing products for your needs.

All spiked valve stem caps and lugs will ship within 24 hours of purchase. All shipping prices are based on the lower 48 states unless specified otherwise. Always inspect your items immediately upon receipt.

Warranty: Standard 90 day warranty and return polices All non-warranty returns are subject to a 10-20% restocking fee. The consumer is responsible for any and all freight costs of a return as well as the shipment for exchange returns and warranted items. Any products which have been modified in anyway or none product failure damaged due to collisions, offroad use, vehicle accidents, theft attempts exc. wont be excepted as a return. Your Warranty will be void for the following reasons: not providing sales receipt or proof of purchase. All warranty claims are void unless a copy of the original purchase receipt is provided. Custom Offsets is not liable for any damages or charges incurred in the use of a product; these charges include but are not limited to legal tickets/infractions, on road use, fire, vehicle loss, rental vehicle, or replacement etc. We don't take responsibility for any damages due to the self-installation/professional installation of any of our products. Install at your own risk! NOTE: Please be aware, these are specialty lug nuts! DO NOT USE AN IMPACT OR ANY OTHER POWER TOOLS DURING INSTALLATION OR REMOVAL! Doing so can cause damage to the lug nut and socket!

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - p65warnings.ca.gov.

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  1. Will these fit a 22X9.5 rim on a 2012 Silverado

  2. So, will the powder coating keep these lugs from rusting? Have issue with that with mine right now and I would rather not pay this much for lugs that will do the same.

  3. Will these work with the OE Performance 176 wheels ? Thanks

  4. Will these fit Fuel FF29’s?? Thank you, Mike

  5. Are the black spiked lugnuts powder coated or painted

  6. Assume these will fit 2016 Supercharged Roush F-150 equipped w/ Mickey Thompson 305/55/20s? P.S. Great videos guys!

  7. will these fit my 03 ford ranger with any aftermarket wheel?

  8. Will these work on an 08 tacoma with XD Grenedes?

    • Generally Toyotas need extended thread lug nuts which these are not. If your studs are long enough to not need ET lugs then yes these will work.

  9. Will these work on my 17×9 XD wheels?

  10. I have a 2000 Jeep WJ, do you guys have spiked lugs that will fit my OEM studs with 2017 Jeep JK wheels?

  11. Will these fit the factory studs on a 05 GMC Sierra 1500 with aftermarket helo wheeles?

  12. Will these fit my 2004 ranger with Black Rock D Widow 942B 16×8 13 wheels?

  13. Will these fit a 2015 Ford F-150 SuperCab 4WD? Thanks!

  14. Will these work with my 07 tacoma with 20×14

    • We have the correct size for your truck. You need to be careful as Toyotas have very short lug studs. Because of this Toyotas usually use extended thread lugs, which these are not.

  15. Are these one piece or does the spike part unscrew from the lug nut?

  16. Will these work with my my 05 Dodge Ram with my set of Helo’s

  17. Will these work on a 2018 Colorado ZR2 with DirtyLife DT1 wheels?

  18. Will these fit on a 2012 f150 with Tis 544 bm?

  19. Will they work with my raptor wheels on a 2014 f150

  20. Will these work on Ultra Hunter 203BM 20×10?

  21. will these work on 2018 raptor running venom rex 601

  22. Will these work on 17 Silverado 1500, Mickey Deegan pro 38 wheels 17×9 running 2 inch wheel spacers

  23. What size lugs do I need for the:Ultra Hunter 203 18×9 -12

  24. Will these fit a 2017 Titan XD with havok H109 wheels

  25. Will these fit a 2006 dodge Dakota?

  26. Will these fit on the TIS 544 bm?

  27. Will these lug nuts fit XD addicts and XD fusion wheels?

  28. Will it fit on the Kmc XD829

  29. Do you guys have chrome spiked lug nuts and also I have 08 Toyota Tundra with 22″ Hostile Alpha

  30. I can see they don’t work on most Nissan but what if i use them with bora spacers?

  31. Tacoma 2012 on fuel sledge ?

  32. Will these fit on the kmc xd300 pulley?

  33. Will these fit a 1999 Jeep Wrangler?

  34. Will these fit a American Racing AR172 baja wheel on my 2000 Dodge Durango?

  35. Will these fit a 2014 Silverado 1500 on 22×12 RBP wheels

  36. Will these fit XD Grenades on a 2016 Silverado 1500? How close in color are the black spikes to the satin black XD Grenades? Thanks!

  37. Does the 2016 ram 1500 have long enough studs for the lug nuts?

  38. Will these fit on a 2014 Ford F-150 with vision rockers

  39. can i use this with toyota hilux 2015?

    • Yes sir! Please make sure they are used with aftermarket wheels. Also you need to make sure there is enough thread engagement for these as Toyotas have short lug studs.

  40. Will these fit on a 2001 Silverado 1500 with Pro Comp Series 7032 wheels?

  41. Can I get these in different colors

  42. Can these be used on my dodge factory 20s?

  43. Will these fit my 1989 dodge Dakota with the pro comp series 97 15×8 5×4.5 bolt pattern

  44. Do these lock?

  45. so i have mb razers on a 03 suburban 1500 will these spike lugs fit

  46. Will these fit the Fuel Monsta

  47. I have an 09 gmc Sierra. I have put the after maket wheels on and the stock 22mm lug just fits with a thin walled socket. Will theses work with my application

  48. Will spike lugs nuts work on fuel beasts

  49. Going to Seattle next week, and was just wondering if you guys have a store there ?

  50. I have a 07 Silverado 6 lug with 22″ dub ballers. What size spike lugs do I need ??

    • Roberto,
      Simply choose the finish (chrome, or black) in the 5 or 6 lug and our experts will determine the size you need before we ship them out.

  51. I had an issue with some Dorman nuts not being long enough and shearing the cap off, will these fit Dick Cepek Matrix wheels?

  52. Will these fit a Pro Comp Series 98 Rock Crawler rim?

  53. I have 26 inch dub ballers on my 06 tahoe will these fit?

  54. Would these fit a hostile sprocket seat for a Tacoma ??

  55. Will the spike lug nuts work on 2017 silverado factory 22” 5 spoke wheels.

  56. do the fit the oe performance wheels

  57. What about wheels with center cap. Like fuel wheels

  58. Hey I was wonder if I could order the black spike lug nuts but I need 12 of one thread and 12 of anther would that be possible? I really would like those I straight axle my truck and don’t to have to buy 24 of each tread pattern thanks..

  59. How do I find out if a wheel has a conical lug seat?
    I’m looking at the new Vision Rocker

  60. I have factory 2016 rubicon wheels will these fit on them ??

    • They are not recommened for factory wheels because they usually do not use a standard conical seat lug nut.

  61. What size are the lugs? I have motiv wheels an the holes fit a 19mm – 3/4 socket

  62. So I select my year make and model at the end if I don’t know my thread size and what not?

  63. Im looking for a black set for my 2013 silverado 1500 6 lug? Will these fit?

    • Yes, when you fill out your truck info when checking out, we will use that info to select the right size for you.

  64. Well the five lug spike set fit a Jeep Wrangler JK -07 w/moto mental rims

  65. how secure are these? I have lug locks on my truck and honestly want these but not if its easy for someone to steal my wheels. it looks like they would only need a deep socket to take these off.

  66. Do I only get 6 spiked lug nuts for the $139 or do I get all 24

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