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Aluminum 2" BORA Spacers (pair-2) 5 or 6 lug All makes and models

Aluminum 2" BORA Spacers (pair-2) 5 or 6 lug All makes and models
Aluminum 2" BORA Spacers (pair-2) 5 or 6 lug All makes and modelsAluminum 2" BORA Spacers (pair-2) 5 or 6 lug All makes and modelsAluminum 2" BORA Spacers (pair-2) 5 or 6 lug All makes and modelsAluminum 2" BORA Spacers (pair-2) 5 or 6 lug All makes and models

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This package includes 2-BORA spacers/adapters in 2" thickness for any 5 or 6 lug Chevy, GMC, Ford, Jeep, Toyota, Nissan or Dodge trucks.
Simply add your vehicle specs at checkout and we will ensure proper fitment!

The B.O.R.A. spacer is hub and wheel centric to create a perfect fit. This spacer will set the truck up just like a factory set up insuring a perfect ride. Anodized black spacer, grade 10.9 Steel studs, heat treated and zinc finished and lug nuts to bolt spacer to vehicle are included. These spacers come with a lifetime warranty. Made in the USA!

BORA Truck Spacers are manufactured right here in the USA with top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art, HAAS CNC machines, using only the best U.S. Alcoa 6061t6 billet aluminum. Unlike competitors, BORA provides a LIFETIME WARRANTY. BORA spacers will set your truck up just like a factory setup, insuring a perfect ride.

Lug nuts are made of 10.9 grade Steel, not stainless steel. The Open End Lugnuts we provide to attach our Adapter/Spacer kits are Cold Forged for increased strength and uniformity, our lug nuts meet or exceed OEM and aftermarket application standards. The Lug Nuts are backed by our ISO, QS and TS16949 Certified Facilities.

About Us
General application guide for spacers regarding trimming studs: 1" will work on all Toyota's without cutting the factory studs, stock or aftermarket wheels 1.25" will work on all Nissan's without cutting the factory studs, stock or aftermarket wheels. 1.75" will work on all Chevy, Ford, Dodge 1500's without cutting the factory studs on all stock and aftermarket wheels 2" will work on all Chevy, Ford, Dodge 8 Lug application without cutting studs on all factory and stock wheels HOWEVER, if your OEM or aftermarket wheels have "pockets" in the mounting pad, you may be able to use thinner spacers than above as the studs will poke through the spacer but sit in the "pockets" on the pads of the wheels. To know 100% simply measure exactly how far the stock studs stick out, measure how deep the pockets are on the mounting pad of the wheels and add them, that is the thickness spacer you may run. So 1" studs plus 1/2" pockets means 1.75" spacers or larger will work and 1.5" spacers will be cutting it close. Since 1996, Motorsport Tech’s Adapters and Spacers have been designed, built, tested, and proven in the toughest conditions on Earth - We’ve outfitted vehicles in the US Military for combat duty, desert racing pre-runners, Arctic rescue vehicles, major auto companies including Ford, Chrysler, and Goodyear, and have built parts for thousands of hardcore off-road enthusiasts around the world - including our own vehicles we drive daily. With our experience and acquired knowledge over the last 15 years, along with a recent expansion of our in-house production facility, we thought it was time to introduce a new 4x4 specific line: BORA. BORA stands for Bulletproof Off Road Adapters. And that’s just what they are. BORA adapters will be built to the same exacting standards of all Motorsport Tech parts (Made in the USA with Alcoa aluminum on state of the art American made Haas CNC machines) but now at a lower price! Lug nuts are made of 10.9 grade Steel, not stainless steel. Some of our Closed End lugnuts have a Stainless Steel Cap, but those are really only used to attach an aftermarket wheel the spacers or truck's factory studs. We do not make Stainless Steel Open End Lugnuts, no need for that. The Open End Lugnuts we provide to attach our Adapter/Spacer kits are Cold Forged for increased strength and uniformity, our lug nuts meet or exceed OEM and aftermarket application standards. The Lug Nuts are backed by our ISO, QS and TS16949 Certified Facilities.

Please allow up to 15-20 business days as all spacers/adapters are custom made to order. Returns will be assessed a 25% restocking fee due to the custom nature and shipping fees. If the spacers have been installed or show any chips or witness marks, THEY CANNOT BE RETURNED. Please realize this is a custom part and we must adhere to this return policy, be sure you are keeping them before you install them. For assistance, please email info@customoffsets.com.

Lifetime Warranty!

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - p65warnings.ca.gov.

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  1. I have 2006 gmc 1500 2wd 4.5 rough country lift rims are 22×9 +18 want to even back . Will the 1.75 spacer work or go with 2.00

  2. Looking through all the comments and all i see are pickups. Do you guys do cars too? Looking for 2″ 5×120 72.6 hubcentric center bore for a e36 bmw.

  3. How long will it take for a 2” 6 lug Bora spacer take to ship? The Pair.
    It’s for a 2014 Silverado

  4. Custom offsets, I have a 2015 Silverado with 3 inch level. I have – 12 offset ballistic jesters. I want a wider stance. Is it safe to run spacers on my already offset wheels ??

    • You will be fine! That really isn’t that wide of a wheel so paired with 2″ spacers won’t be bad at all!

  5. hey custom offsets i have the 6.5 zone lift ordered for my 2018 chevy silv. 1500 on 20×9 -0 xd820’s with 35×12.50 tires. I dont know the how much the zone kit makes my front tires stick out but i want to achieve at least 1.5″ to 2″ tire past my fender stance. any recommendations on spacer size for that look? thanks i appreciate the feedback

  6. I ordered 2″ spacers from rough country when I ordered my 7.5 lift kit I noticed that the spacers I purchased for the rear are not hub centric I’ve never had a wheel come off but should I go hub centric?

  7. Hi i have a 2009 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 on a 4inch BDS coilover lift with 20×10 fuel Maverick wheels. In the front I extend out 3.5 inches from the fender and the rear is 2.25 inches out from the fender. If i wanted to make the stance flush in the front and the rear with the goal of having a 4-4.25 inch stance, should i run half inch spacers in the front and 1.75 in the rear or should I just do 1.75 inch spacers all around? I just don’t know which way will be the best way of getting the stance I want.

  8. I have a 2002 f150 put the 3 in spindle lift I am wanting to put these in the rear will these even out the tire because the rear ones are more in

    • Depends on how far they stick out compared to the back. They will add exactly what the thickness is. So if the front sticks out 2″ more in the front than the rear than 2″ spacers will work. Just measure from the fender to the outside edge of the tire and that should give you your difference.

  9. will these spacers limit what I will be able to tow or will these allow the truck to tow the same capacity?

    • With 2″ spacers you won’t see any difference in tow capacity at all. If you were going with a thicker spacer and towed really heavy weights I would suggest steel spacers at that point.

  10. Ahhh Okay, Makes sense, I get the custom making, but thought that was for bigger or smaller tires/offsets. Thanks for the heads up!

  11. i have a 2016 with 6″ lift . want to put 2″ spacers on the rear so it tracks the same as the front. my heaviest towing trailer and load is just over 6500 lb .will these spacers be all wright to run

  12. I have a 2018 Sierra 1500 running 22″x9″ OE Replica Wheels with 33″x12.5″ Nitto Ridge Grapplers on a 3″/1.5″ Level. Currently has 2″ spacers that are not hub centric. I want to move to a hub centric spacer due to ride quality. Is a spacer necessary on this set up?

    • No, you shouldn’t need spacers if you don’t want to. You will lose the stance of your setup without them though.

    • I have a 2014, factory 20″ rims, same tires. With no spacers my tires rub the upper control are and traction bar. I have fox 3.0 struts and cognito upper control arms. Only rubs at full turn. I think 1/2″ spacers would clear everything. It’s very close.

  13. got a 2000 ford ranger did the maxtrack 6′ lift, no the front sticks out more. what size spacer should I get to even the back? my setup right now is 31×10.5R15 on 15×8 dick cepek wheels. thanks for your help!

    • 2″ is the most common but you can always take a quick measurement. Measure from the outside fender to the edge of the tire front to back. A spacer will add the exact width they are. so if you are 2″ farther out in the front that the back than 2″ spacers will work!

  14. Will these fit on a 2005 dodge ram 1500?

  15. On the custom offsets avalanche did you have to cut the studs when you used the 2″ spacers?

  16. Trying to even out rear stance.
    2016 GMC Sierra 1500 on a 6″ pro comp lift on 22″ fuel wheels.

  17. I’m looking at 20×12 for my jeep cherokee xj but I’m going to switch the bolt pattern to 5×5 instead of 5×4.5 sense not many wheels are 5×4.5 bolt pattern does bora offer the bolt pattern change on there spacers?

  18. would they make my track width even on my 2016 chevy 1500 with a mcgaughys lift and my rim are -24 offset if that madders

    • yes, running 2″ in the rear is the most common for fixing uneven track width when you lift a truck.

  19. I’m running a 7.5 in lift with 20×12’s -44 offset the front tracks out 2 in’s more than the rear and I run a 2 in spacer in the rear without trimming my lugs ?

    • You won’t need to trim the lugs running a 2″ spacer unless its a Superduty. Than just the end needs to be nipped off a little.

  20. I have a 2013 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE (front disk brakes, rear drum brakes) 4×4 Crew 5’9″ bed Z92 pkg with 6″ lift, Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ P3 35×12.50/20R. The front tires stick out further than the rear, but I don’t really know how to figure exactly how much further. I want them to line up evenly. Can you offer advice on what I may need? Thanks in advance

    • Its literally as easy as taking a tape measure at measuring the difference from the outside of the fender to the outside of the tire, front to back. Most common is the 2″ in the rear on lifted trucks.

  21. Just ordered 20×14’s for my 2014 Silverado. Would I need spacers for the front and the rear, or just the front? Also, can I run 1.75 inch spacer without having to trim the studs?

  22. I am looking at installing a 4.5″ lift on my 2014 gmc Sierra all terrain. The lift widens the wheel track 1.5″ each side in the front and requires a max 5.75″ back spacing. I want to run factory wheels (20×9, 29mm) I believe is 6.1″ backspace? I am looking for a good 1/2″ spacer for the front and a 2″ for the rear to make track look the same. Any options for me?

  23. Is it possible to get 2.5″ spacers for an 09 Silverado 1500 with aftermarket wheels?

  24. Ok thanks. What parts would I have to trim?

  25. And a 2″ level on front

  26. I have a 2012 Chevy Silverado 1500 with 17″ xd rims I think 0 offset they are tucked in wrapped in 285/70r17 Toyo open country at if I put thes on will they rub or will I have to do any trimming?


  28. Would this fit on my 6×135 lug it said it would fix all 6 lug I have a 09 f150

    • They are made specifically for your truck. We make you put in your year, make and model so Bora knows what they need to make them for.

  29. I have a 20×12 -44 offset, and I’m wanting to put 2inch spacers in the rear to match the front sticking out but i don’t know if it’ll be too much stress on the rear. it is a daily driver but i don’t do off roads or towing at all. Is it safe to run these on the rear??? let me know so i can order a set of these asap. thanks!

    • They are 100% safe to run and there really isn’t anything in the rear to stress out. That is the most common place to run spacers especially on a lifted truck.

  30. Ive heard horror stories about wheel spacers putting too much stress on the wheel bearings….do you know if these would be too much to use on top of a 20×14 wheel on 38’s? Would love the extra wider stance but I dnt wanna hafta replace all my wheel bearings either..thanks

    • They do put added stress but are 100% safe to use! They don’t put anymore stress than 14 wides on 38″ That is a pretty aggressive setup on a 6 lug vehicle though.

      • In your opinion…do you think it would be ok to add these wheel spacers to tht setup (20×14 wheels on 38×15.50.20) Id like the extra width for the look…I do not drive my truck but about 8k miles a year..Im not a daily driver

  31. would these 2″ spacers work on my 04 Chevy impala

  32. I have a 2016 chevy Colorado z71 with a leveling kit & bushwacker pocket flares I do not want to cut the factory studs so I’m thinking a 2″ spacer is this correct ? please advise .Thanks

    • Not sure what stance your looking for but a spacer will add as much poke as the thickness of the spacer. So if you buy 2″ it will bring the tire out 2″ from where it sits now.

  33. 2007 GMC Sierra 1500, 7″ lift, Fuel wheels 20×10, 35″ tires, I have flares, which spacer will make the truck look the best?

    • Really depends on the look your going for. It will add exactly the size of the spacer you buy. So 2″ will push the tire out 2″

      • Can I run a 37″ tire on a 20″ rim and not have the tires rub on the flares when I turn? Would an offset help this?

        • Spacers don’t fix rubbing unless its on the inside of the tire. The wider you go the more rubbing you will have. More offset often time causes more fitment issues.

  34. Ordered the 2″ spacers for my 15′ Silverado on 11 May, it is now the 26th, still no spacers. So much for 7 to 10 days like I was told. Sure did take my money on time though.

    • Sorry for the wait Mike. We try to state like it does in the description that Bora spacers are a custom truck part. They are machined not mass produced. It states above some can take 10-14 business days to ship out to you. Please email info@customoffsets.com and I would be glad to give you a more accurate eta on your order.

  35. i chose three day shipping and ordred 2 inch wheels spacers today when should i expect to recieve them?

    • please still allow the 10-12 business days for processing, fabrication and finishing. All orders ship 5-7 day ground unless you choose 3 day like yourself.

  36. Can an adapter allow to add rims that have a different hub bore?

  37. Does the spacers come with hub ring ?

  38. Are the 2″ wheel spacers safe? Eveyone always says to never run spacers on the front?

    • The are 100% safe. The cheap non hub centric ones out there are the ones people have so many issues with. Another main reason for running only in the rear is on some trucks when you lift them the front pushes out and to make them even with the rear spacers need to be run in the rear.

  39. Amanda, Yes, wheel spacers come with all the lug nuts.

  40. Do the wheel spacers come with all the lug nuts?

  41. If I order these specifically for my 2005 silverado 6 lug 1500 will I still be able to use my OEM hub caps? Meaning is the thread on the spacer I order going to be the same pitch and everything as the OEM studs?

    • I am assuming by “OEM hub caps” you mean OEM lug nuts. Yes the thread and pitch on the spacers is the same as your truck has now therefore allowing you to use your OEM lug nuts to put the wheels on the spacers. Hope that helps.

  42. do yall make spacers that use lub bolts instead of lug nuts to attach wheel to spacer? Im trying to get 2″ spacersfor my mk5 jetta

  43. everything should be mechanically fine with my 98 dodge 1500 lifted on 35x75r16s?

    • Koert, we are not clear on your question. If you are asking about these spacers being okay on your truck, yes they are stronger than your wheels likely, they are very well made spacers. Being 2″ spacers you will NOT have to trim studs either just bolt on torque and go.

  44. What is the difference between the go big and go wide?

    • Its just a stock picture and slogan. They are listed in thicknesses 1″, 1.25″, 1.5″, 1.75 and 2″

  45. I have need a set of 2″ spacers, my wheels I’m looking to buy are Lug centric… will these spacers with with them?

    • Yes BORA is perfect for them because they focus on a lug and hub centric design!

      • And they are safe to run daily? I don’t offroad with my truck it is my daily driver

        • Absolutely, we all run them and love them. We don’t just sell our parts we run them on our daily drivers, off-road rigs and show vehicles!

          • I was told by rough country that my front end with the 6 inch lift, 305x55x20 with 20×9 wheels 0 offset would have my front tires roughly 2.5 inches out of the wheel well… is a 2 inch spacer on the rear going to correct my stance or will it be over kill?

        • Yes that sounds right with that lift. We run 2″ BORA spacers on the rear of our Avalanche with the same lift and it makes it sit nice and even front to rear.

          • Ok awesome thank you for all your help!

          • I am getting ready to order the pair of 2″ spacers and wanted to double check one last time.. I am getting 20×9 0 offset american eagle 014’s… will there be any issues with these spacers and wheels? will i need an additional pieces to make them work?

  46. I’m currently have 20×12 on my Silverado and would like to get spacers for the rear so it can be wide like the front what size would you recommend

  47. If I order this tomorrow evening what day would this be at north Carolina?What’s recommend for the spacers, red loctight?

    • Hey Jacob it all depends on if they need to be made or if BORA has them in stock. Usually the turnaround is about a week or so. as far as loctight its not necessary. As long as there torqued properly you should be fine.

  48. How long will it take for 2″ 6×5.5 wheel spacers to arrive if I live in mississippi? Ive got tires and rims coming and I’ll have them thursday or friday.

    • They would ship out Friday and be to you by mid-week if you order tonight.

      • I ordered a pair of 2 inch spacers 2/25/18 for a 2015 Silverado 1400 4wd. I’m pretty sure GM trucks are very common for you guys so having these in stock shouldn’t be a problem. 15-20 business days for a common item? Come on man. Where are my spacers?

          • Andrew, all BORA spacers are custom built to order for your specific vehicle and application (can be built to custom fit any aftermarket wheel). Even though you have a common make/model, the spacers are still custom built for your order (which is why they carry a lifetime warranty) and stamped with your invoice number as well. We quote 15-20 business days for all BORA spacers.

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