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Aluminum 2" Bora Spacers (pair-2) 8 lug All makes and models

Aluminum 2" Bora Spacers (pair-2) 8 lug All makes and models
Aluminum 2" Bora Spacers (pair-2) 8 lug All makes and models

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This package includes 2-BORA spacers/adapters in 2" thickness for any 8 lug Chevy, GMC, Ford, Jeep, Toyota, Nissan or Dodge trucks.
Simply add your vehicle specs at checkout and we will ensure proper fitment!

The B.O.R.A. spacer is hub and wheel centric to create a perfect fit. This spacer will set the truck up just like a factory set up insuring a perfect ride. Anodized black spacer, grade 10.9 Steel studs, heat treated and zinc finished and lug nuts to bolt spacer to vehicle are included. These spacers come with a lifetime warranty. Made in the USA!

BORA Truck Spacers are manufactured right here in the USA with top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art, HAAS CNC machines, using only the best U.S. Alcoa 6061t6 billet aluminum. Unlike competitors, BORA provides a LIFETIME WARRANTY. BORA spacers will set your truck up just like a factory setup, insuring a perfect ride.

Spacers are made in house at BORA therefore based on quantity available and shipping time, please allow us 7-14 business days for the standard shipping option. (Expedited shipping available at check out.)

Lug nuts are made of 10.9 grade Steel, not stainless steel. The Open End Lugnuts we provide to attach our Adapter/Spacer kits are Cold Forged for increased strength and uniformity, our lug nuts meet or exceed OEM and aftermarket application standards. The Lug Nuts are backed by our ISO, QS and TS16949 Certified Facilities.

About Us
General application guide for spacers regarding trimming studs: 1" will work on all Toyota's without cutting the factory studs, stock or aftermarket wheels 1.25" will work on all Nissan's without cutting the factory studs, stock or aftermarket wheels. 1.75" will work on all Chevy, Ford, Dodge 1500's without cutting the factory studs on all stock and aftermarket wheels 2" will work on all Chevy, Ford, Dodge 8 Lug application without cutting studs on all factory and stock wheels HOWEVER, if your OEM or aftermarket wheels have "pockets" in the mounting pad, you may be able to use thinner spacers than above as the studs will poke through the spacer but sit in the "pockets" on the pads of the wheels. To know 100% simply measure exactly how far the stock studs stick out, measure how deep the pockets are on the mounting pad of the wheels and add them, that is the thickness spacer you may run. So 1" studs plus 1/2" pockets means 1.75" spacers or larger will work and 1.5" spacers will be cutting it close. Since 1996, Motorsport Tech’s Adapters and Spacers have been designed, built, tested, and proven in the toughest conditions on Earth - We’ve outfitted vehicles in the US Military for combat duty, desert racing pre-runners, Arctic rescue vehicles, major auto companies including Ford, Chrysler, and Goodyear, and have built parts for thousands of hardcore off-road enthusiasts around the world - including our own vehicles we drive daily. With our experience and acquired knowledge over the last 15 years, along with a recent expansion of our in-house production facility, we thought it was time to introduce a new 4x4 specific line: BORA. BORA stands for Bulletproof Off Road Adapters. And that’s just what they are. BORA adapters will be built to the same exacting standards of all Motorsport Tech parts (Made in the USA with Alcoa aluminum on state of the art American made Haas CNC machines) but now at a lower price! Lug nuts are made of 10.9 grade Steel, not stainless steel. Some of our Closed End lugnuts have a Stainless Steel Cap, but those are really only used to attach an aftermarket wheel the spacers or truck's factory studs. We do not make Stainless Steel Open End Lugnuts, no need for that. The Open End Lugnuts we provide to attach our Adapter/Spacer kits are Cold Forged for increased strength and uniformity, our lug nuts meet or exceed OEM and aftermarket application standards. The Lug Nuts are backed by our ISO, QS and TS16949 Certified Facilities.

Please allow up to 15-20 business days as all spacers/adapters are custom made to order. Returns will be assessed a 25% restocking fee due to the custom nature and shipping fees. If the spacers have been installed or show any chips or witness marks, THEY CANNOT BE RETURNED. Please realize this is a custom part and we must adhere to this return policy, be sure you are keeping them before you install them. For assistance, please email info@customoffsets.com.

Lifetime Warranty!

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - p65warnings.ca.gov.

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  1. Hey guys Im looking to buy a pair of 2″ Bora spacers for my 2011 GMC Sierra 2500 HD. Just wondering if you ship to Canada as I can’t get these spacers in Canada. And after watching your video I would like a pair of these so I can get an equal stance back on my truck and not have to worry about my wheels falling off. Thanks for all your help in advance.

  2. Would it work to have the spacer hub centric to the hub but not the wheel as I have lug centric wheels?

  3. Whats the current build time, is it really taking 20 days to ship?

  4. I have a 2016 2500HD with a 4” lift. I have bushwhacker fender flares and want my tires to line up with the outside of them. I have Fuel “Lethal” wheels that are 20×9 with BF Goodrich TA that are 325/60/20, what size spacer would you recommend?

    • Do you think I need 2” spacers or the 1.75”?

      • It all depends on what size fender flares you have. Its simple measurements really. If its sucked in 1.75″ from the outside of the fender flare than you would want 1.75″ spacers to make them flush.

  5. Looking for a set of 2 inch spacer for a 2017 f350 dually hub centric outer ring with atleast 5.5″ inner bore.

    • Sure, just simply purchase from this page and make sure you select the dually drop down. The added cost is due to the larger hub bore of the duallys.

  6. What do u guys recommend torquing these spacers to

    • Factory specs spacer to hub, usually 140# on a HD than wheel to spacer at #120 than re-torque to #140 after 100 miles or so.

  7. Do you guys have any of the lugs that come with these spacers in a 14×1.5 just the lugs for sale ? Lost a few for my spacers

  8. I recently bought a pair of bora spacers and they are not the correct fitment

  9. Hi i have a question about wheel spacers, i have a 06 silverado 2500hd on a RC 2inch leveling kit with 285/75/16, i noticed the from is pushed out a little more than the front. I was wondering what size rear wheel spacers and front if needed i would need to make them even with eachother and have a nice stance without having to deal with the stud issue i watched in one of your videos, i was wondering what you guys would have to say, thanks.

    • Its really as simple as measuring the difference from front to back and ordering the thickness you need. Keep in mind anything between 1/2″-1.75″ thick spacers will require trimming of your factory studs.

  10. I have 97 3/4 ram with custom 3.5 inch lift in the front a custom 2.5 spring pack in the rear. I currently run a 16×10 -25 with 35×12.5 tires. I currently have no rubbing. Is there a way to measure a contact path if I add a 2 inch spacer? Thanks

    • They will literally add 2″ of stance to your setup. Take a tape measure from the end of the tire and add 2″ and draw a chalk line on the ground and that is where it will sit.

  11. I have a 1996 gmc suburban 8 lug. Will these fit?

  12. 1995 Dodge B3500 RV conversion van (Leisure Travel). The vehicle sways significantly at freeway speeds. I would like to space the rear tires out 2″ on each side (the rear track is 4″ narrower than the front). This could be done by using wheel spacers or having custom 8″ wide wheels (versus 6 1/2″ stock) made with a 2 3/4″ backspace. I am concerned with the strength of 6061 aluminum spacers and making sure the wheels have a center flange to center the wheels versus a spacer with no center flange. What is your recommendation & why? 6061-T6 spacers, steel spacers, or wider/offset wheels? Do you make steel spacers? If so, what material? 1018, 1045, 4140, other?

    • To answer your question yes, yes and yes. These are the best of the best spacers. Your referring to a hub centric spacer “flange” which these are most definitely. The fact that they are hub centric puts the it helps but the weight on the flange not the studs. The non hub centric spacers are the ones you hear all the horror stories about. I can promise you that these are more than strong enough for your application.

  13. Need a price on these spacers after discount. Its going on 09 gmc sierra 2500hd lmm duramax 4 door long bed

  14. I have a 98 dodge dually and I was wondering will a 2002 spacer fit my truck or no? If not what other brand of spacer is good? Thank you

  15. i have a 2015 ram 3500 dually. will the B.O.R.A. 2 inch spacers fit?

  16. Do your wheel spaces sit flush against the rear brake rotors or is there a small gap in between?

  17. Do you make 2″ spacers for my 1975 Chevy lug pattern 8×6-1/2 to 8×6-1/2? All of your spacers are for newer trucks

  18. wondering if you received my payment

  19. interested in set of 1.5″, 6 x 5.5 hub-centric spacers for my 1996 Toyota Landcruiser – it has FJ Cruiser steel rims and I’m adjusting for offset. Also need hardened steel bolts – had issues with soft bolts failing. Thank you in advance. J

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