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Top 5 Hostile Wheels

March 7, 2020

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1. Fury


Hostile Fury


We picked the Fury because we felt that this wheel doesn't get the love it deserves. The Hostile Fury has a mesh style design that also has overlapping spokes. This can be a very busy wheel but we think that the Fury pulls off the busy look very well.

You can grab a set of Hostile Fury's for as low as $1200!


Hostile Fury F150Hostile Fury F150


2. Alpha


Hostile Alpha


On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have a more simple looking wheel. The Hostile Alpha is an 8-spoke wheel that has a concave face and large lip. We love this wheel because in smaller sizes it's a simple enough design to be used almost as an OE replacement. However, if you prefer the show truck look you can opt for a larger size that will perfectly pull off the look you want.

A set of Hostile Alpha's will set you back about $1800 for 22's.


Hostile Alpha SilveradoHostile Alpha Silverado


3. Vulcan


Hostile Vulcan


The Hostile Vulcan is the perfect wheel if you're going for a show truck style. This is a multi-spoke design and its smallest size is a 20 inch. This means that this wheel would fit nicely on a leveled truck, but you could go all the way up to a 24 to capture the look of a show truck.

The Hostile Vulcan starts as low as $1300 for a 20x10 -19.


Hostile Vulcan RamHostile Vulcan Ram


4. Rage


Hostile Rage


The Hostile Rage is a split-spoke Y-spoke design which is already a great look. But what we really love about the Rage is its milling. The milling makes the spokes on this wheel angled which gives it a really nice, aggressive look.

The Hostile Rage is priced right around $1200 for a 20x12.


Hostile Rage TundraHostile Rage Tundra


5. Jigsaw


Hostile Jigsaw


Last but certainly not least, we have the Hostile Jigsaw. The Jigsaw is actually a cast wheel. However, this looks like a forged wheel, and just wait until you hear what size this comes in. The Hostile Jigsaw is available up to a 26x16! These wheels look absolutely awesome and they look better and better the bigger they get.

The Hostile Jigsaw starts at around $1200.


Hostile Jigsaw TacomaHostile Jigsaw Tacoma


We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 5 Hostile Wheels!

Hostile is a great company that produces a high-quality wheel and an awesome price. Go check them out!



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